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Letter 244

Lumb, Edward to Henslow, J. S.

2 May 1834

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    On CD's instructions EL has forwarded a case containing part of the head of [Megatherium].


Bs. Ayres

May 2d 18/34


I beg to enclose you bill of lading for a Case of Specimens of Natural History which by direction of Mr Charles Darwin I forward to you pr. Brig ``Basenthwaite'' Mitchinson Martin for Liverpool— This Case contains part of the Head of the ``Megatherium''— I regret that on the passage down the River it should have been broken; previous to this accident the Snout or nose extended 112 to two feet more than at present— These are not the bones referred to in the accompanying Letter— I expect them down shortly when I shall feel proud in forwarding them to you— Permit me this opportunity of offering my Services to you & to assure you that I shall feel highly gratified if by any Information, or Specimens I can obtain in this Country I can contribute to the advancement of Science in my native land—

My last letter from Mr. Darwin was from the Falkland Islands 30 March; at which time all was well— | I have the honour to be Sir | Your most obt Sert| Edward Lumb

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    The cranium was described by Richard Owen in Fossil Mammalia, pp. 16--35, as that of a `gigantic extinct mammiferous animal, referrible to the Order Pachydermata, but with affinities to the Rodentia, Edentata, and Herbivorous Cetacea'. Owen named it Toxodon platensis.
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    See letter to J. S. Henslow, [20--7] September 1833.
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