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Letter 2408

Darwin, C. R. to Lubbock, John

[6 Feb 1859]

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    JL's brother's accident.

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    Thinks JL should tackle systematics of anomalous insects from studies of internal organs.


Moor Park | Farnham, Surrey


Dear Lubbock

Just as I was starting for this place, I received your note for Wollaston, & I will in a day or two add to it & forward it.—

I am grieved to hear of your Brother's accident; but really is most fortunate that it was not worse; what horrid anxiety poor Lady Lubbock must have had & I fear may still have some.— Would you some day write me the briefest note to tell me how he goes on, for I shd really much wish to hear; & I cannot from home, as they are all moving to Hartfield, on account of poor Etty, who is much worse.

After I last saw you I had bad attack followed by a second, & I have had to take refuge here, where I shall remain a fortnight & try to get a little strength.

Farewell | Dear Lubbock | Yours ever most sincerely | C. Darwin

P.S. Thinking over your case of ovarium of Pulex, it has occurred to me that you & probably no one but you in England could write a capital paper “on the position of certain anomalous insects in the Nat. System, as judged by their internal organs”.— Their externals have been discussed ad nauseam. Earwigs, Pulex, Thrips, Strepsiptera—Trichoptera & other neuroptera &c &c— Think of this; alimentary, generative male & female & nervous systems & circulatory (?)

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    The Sunday before Lubbock's reply. See following letter.
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    The letter to Thomas Vernon Wollaston has not been found.
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    Beaumont William Lubbock, John Lubbock's younger brother, had injured himself (see following letter).
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    Henrietta Emma Darwin accompanied Emma Darwin and the younger children to Hartfield, Sussex, on 7 February 1859 (Emma Darwin's diary). Henrietta had been ill throughout much of January.
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    Emma Darwin's diary records that CD had a second ‘attack’ on 2 February 1859. CD arrived at Moor Park hydropathic establishment on 5 February 1859 (‘Journal’; Appendix II).
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    Lubbock included a description of the ovarium of Pulex in Lubbock 1859. CD discussed this paper with Lubbock prior to publication (see letter to John Lubbock, [November 1858]). Lubbock had touched upon variation in the internal organs of insects in an earlier paper (Lubbock 1857a).
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    See letter from John Lubbock, 8 February 1859.
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