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Letter 2284

Lubbock, John to Darwin, C. R.

10 June 1858

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    Thanks for queen-bee larva and pupa.

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    Nervous system of Coccus.


High Elms, | Farnborough, | Kent.

10 June 58

Dear Mr Darwin

I hope you are better. Many thanks for the Queen Bee larva & Pupa which will be very useful some day. [DIAGRAMS HERE] C. persicæ? 1 b a b C. hesperidum 2 b a a b

The above two figures represent the posterior part of the subœsophageal ganglion, in the two species of Coccus whose nervous system I have examined. In C. persicæ? the ganglion end like a trident, whose 3 teeth pass gradually into the central stem and two lateral nerves.

In some specimens of both species I have seen the nerve a rise directly from the ganglion and not from the nerve b.

Believe me | Yours most sincerely | J Lubbock
C Darwin Esq

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    John Lubbock was preparing a paper on the digestive and nervous systems of the insect Coccus hesperidum (Lubbock 1858). His paper was read at a meeting of the Royal Society on 18 November 1858. An offprint of the paper marked by CD is in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection–CUL.
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    CD was impressed to hear that important organs like nerves were subject to variation in their number and position. Lubbock's information was cited in Origin, p. 46.
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