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Letter 216

Darwin, C. R. to Henslow, J. S.

[20–7] Sept 1833

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    Informs JSH that a Spanish friend has offered him a cargo of bones. If they arrive, he has arranged with Edward Lumb to forward them to JSH. [Forwarded to JSH with 244.]


Buenos Ayres

September 1833

My dear Henslow

A Spanish friend in Entre Rios has promised to send me a cargo of Bones; if they do arrive here: Mr Lumb has kindly offered to forward them to you.— I leave this as a direction to him, & he will add the name of Ship, date, port &c or whatever is necessary.—

Believe me Yours most truly obliged | Charles Darwin

The Rev:d Professor Henslow

Cambridge University


Specimens of Natural History

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    CD left this letter with Edward Lumb to be forwarded with the cargo of bones to which it refers. The letter was not despatched until 2 May 1834, when Lumb wrote to Henslow telling him that a case of specimens with part of the head of a `Megatherium' was being forwarded to him. That shipment, however, was not the one referred to in this letter, but another, containing a specimen found later in 1833. From Lumb's letter of 8 May 1834, it appears that the `Spanish friend' is `Mr Hooker'. The cargo of bones has not been traced, though Lumb expected it to arrive soon after 2 May 1834.
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