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Letter 2149

Darwin, C. R. to Lubbock, John

[22 Nov 1857]

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    Huxley and William Sharpey praise JL's paper [? on Daphnia, Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. 147 (1857): 79–100] at Philosophical Club.



Sunday Morning

Dear Lubbock

At the Philosoph. Club last Thursday I overheard Dr Sharpey speaking to Huxley in such high & warm praise of your paper & Huxley answering in same tone that it did me good to hear it. And I thought I would tell you, for if you still wish to join Royal Socy, I shd think (Sharpey being influential in Council & Secretary) there cd be no doubt of your admission. Even if you were not admitted the first year it cannot be thought the least disgraceful. I am not aware but perhaps you have been already proposed.—

Will you be so kind as to give my cordial congratulations & most sincere good wishes to Miss Lubbock.— I am very much obliged for my half of the invitation to the Breakfast: it will be a really beautiful sight, but I fear it would be too fatiguing for me so will not venture to accept it.

Believe me dear Lubbock | Yours sincerely | C. Darwin

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    f1 2149.f1
    The date is established by CD's attendance at a meeting of the Royal Society Philosophical Club minutes (see n. 2, below) and by the reference to Miss Lubbock's engagement breakfast (see n. 4, below).
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    f2 2149.f2
    CD attended a meeting of the Philosophical Club of the Royal Society on 19 November 1857 (Royal Society Philosophical Club minutes). William Sharpey, one of the secretaries of the society and a member of the Philosophical Club, was a noted physiologist. The paper under discussion was Lubbock's study of reproduction in Daphnia (Lubbock 1857).
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    Lubbock was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1858.
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    f4 2149.f4
    Mary Harriet Lubbock, John Lubbock's older sister, was married on 8 December 1857 to Robert Birkbeck of Keswick, Norfolk (Gentleman's Magazine n.s. 4 (1858): 98).
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