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Letter 2108

Darwin, C. R. to Tegetmeier, W. B.

[18 June 1857]

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    Is glad WBT is investigating "the tail question"; hopes he will work out "down & colour point". Is much interested in runts, which seem to vary more than other breeds.


Dr Lane's Hydropathic Estabmt | Moor Park | Farnham | Surrey


My dear Sir

I write merely to thank you for your offer crossed yellow Magpie & Helmet, but it will be of no use to me.

I am very glad you are investigating the tail question, & I hope that you will work out the down & colour point.— I am really delighted that the Borneo fowls turn out in the least interesting.—

With respect to the Runt, I fancied by your having only one that it was not valuable.— Have you any interest with Mr Bridge to supplicate him for a dead body shd one die. I am much interested in Runts, as they seem to vary or differ more than other Breeds. It is a pity to take your young Gulliver Runt, for I shd hope I cd get one some time dead by chance from Mr Gulliver.—

My dear Sir | Yours very sincerely | C. Darwin

P.S. I presume you do not care for any of the Pigeons mentioned in my last note.

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    Dated by CD's arrival at Moor Park on Tuesday, 16 June 1857 (‘Journal’; see Correspondence vol. 6, Appendix II), and by the relationship to the letters to W. B. Tegetmeier, 18 May [1857] and 23 June [1857].
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    See letter to W. B. Tegetmeier, 18 May [1857].
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    f3 2108.f3
    See letter to W. B. Tegetmeier, 12 [May 1857].
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    f4 2108.f4
    See letter to W. B. Tegetmeier, 18 May [1857].
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    Mr Bridge has not been identified.
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    f6 2108.f6
    CD introduced the description of this breed in Variation 1: 142 with the remark: ‘Inextricable confusion reigns in the classification, affinities, and naming of Runts.’
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