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Darwin, C. R. to Secretary, Royal Society

18 July 1856

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    Recommends W. B. Carpenter's paper on Foraminifera, pt 2, be published in Philosophical Transactions [R. Soc. Lond. 146 (1856): 547–69].



July 18th/56


I recommend Dr Carpenter's paper, Part II. on the Foraminifera, to be published in the Transactions.

Sir | Your obed. servt | Ch Darwin
To the Secy | Royal Socy

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    The second part of William Benjamin Carpenter's paper on the Foraminifera, on Aveolina and other genera (Carpenter 1856, pt 2), had been read to the Royal Society on 19 June 1856. CD had previously refereed the first part of Carpenter's paper (on Orbitolites) when it was submitted in 1855 (see Correspondence vol. 5, letter to the Council of the Royal Society, 18 August 1855).
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