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Letter 1831

Darwin, C. R. to Lubbock, John

14 [July 1855]

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    CD has more specimens of Helix pomatia.

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    Thanks for Lepidoptera book.

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    Invites JL to dinner.




Dear Lubbock.

To prevent you taking more trouble in vain, I write to say that I got yesterday some more & enough specimens of Helix pomatia for my Snailery.—

Very many & hearty thanks for your splendid Lepidoptera Books, which my Boys study with great interest. Please do not forget sometime the number of acres in Larch wood, & when planted. We have now collected in it about 115 species of plants.

Yours most truly | C. Darwin

P.S. | I forget whether you know Mr Leonard Horner. He comes here on Monday with his family & if you would like to meet him, I much hope that you will dine with us on Tuesday next at 7 oclock. The Carters (who are staying at Colonel Cators House) will be with us, & the Innes'.— If so inclined, I hope that you will come.—

C. D

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    f1 1831.f1
    The date is confirmed by an entry in Emma Darwin's diary. Leonard and Anne Susan Horner and Susan and Joanna arrived on 16 July; ‘Mr H. Carter & Alice’ were included at the dinner party on the 17th, a Tuesday. The Carters were staying with John Farndby Cator of Hayes, Kent. John Innes was perpetual curate of Down.
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    f2 1831.f2
    CD had previously asked Lubbock for some freshwater snails to put in his vivarium (see letter to John Lubbock, 24 April [1855]).
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    f3 1831.f3
    See letter to G. R. Waterhouse, 8 July [1855], in which CD sought advice on systematic entomology books for William and George Darwin.
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    f4 1831.f4
    CD described his plan to collect all the species in a circumscribed area in his letter to J. D. Hooker, 5 June [1855].
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    f5 1831.f5
    See n. 1, above.
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