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Letter 1753

Darwin, C. R. to Wedgwood, H. A.

5 Sept [1855?]

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    Thanks HAW for columbine and asparagus seeds and for counting pods for him. CD is astonished at the number of pods. Needs more seeds for one of his experiments.

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    Has he met Huxley yet? He is a very clever man.




Sept 5 My dear Harry

I am very much obliged for the Columbine seed & for your note which made us laugh heartily.—

I had no idea what trouble the counting must have been, I had not the least conception that there would have been so many pods. I am very much interested on this point, & therefore to make assurance sure, I repeat your figures, viz 560 & 742 pods on two plants & 7200 on another. Does the latter number really mean pods & not seeds? Upon my life I am sorry to give so much trouble, but I shd be so much obliged for a few average size pods, put up separately that I may count the seeds in each pod; for though I counted the seeds in the pods sent before, I hardly dare trust them without counting more. Moreover I sadly want more seed itself for one of my experiments.—

The young cabbages are coming up already.

Thank you much about the asparagus seed; as it is so rare a plant, you are my only chance.—

We have been grieved to hear about poor Anne & Tom.

Your affectte screw | C. Darwin

Have you become acquainted with Mr Huxley; I think you would find him a pleasant acquaintance. He is a very clever man.

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    f1 1753.f1
    Henry Allen Wedgwood was CD's cousin and brother-in-law.
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    f2 1753.f2
    Dated on the basis of the subject of the letter. CD was investigating the comparative fertility of wild and cultivated plants. See letter to J. S. Henslow, 23 [August or September 1855].
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    f3 1753.f3
    Thomas Josiah Wedgwood and his wife Anne. Tom was a brother of Harry's wife Jessie.
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