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Letter 1725

Darwin, C. R. to Gray, Asa

21 July [1855]

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    Geographical distribution. "Close" species. Hopes AG will write an essay on species.


Down Farnborough Kent

July 21st

My dear Dr Gray

I must write one line to thank you for your letter of the 30th ulto, & for the extremely kind manner in which you have acceded to my request (which I assure you I long hesitated whether I would make) about marking the close species. I do not quite understand from Hooker's note, whether the sheets have arrived, but I fancy not; but I shall hear again in two or three days. Hooker read over your letter, & seems to have been as much struck with it as I have been,—as showing in a most striking manner the geographical affinities of species, & the difficulty of ascertaining what are species.— Your discussion on connecting & separating forms seems to me so philosophical, that I much hope that someday you will be as good as your word & write an “Essay on Species”.

I hope, also, before end of year to hear that you have found time to write on the geographical distribution of the U.S. plants; & if my letter caused you to do this some year or two before you otherwise would have done it, I shall congratulate myself in private, at having done good Botanical work.

Pray believe me with cordial thanks | Yours very sincerely | Charles Darwin

Some of my immersed seeds have come up after 82 & 85 days immersion, viz Radishes Beet, Atriplex, Capsicum, Oats, Cucurbita, Rhubarb, Lettuce, Carrotts, Celery, & Onions.—

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    f1 1725.f1
    See letter from Asa Gray, 30 June 1855.
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    f2 1725.f2
    A. Gray 1856–7. See letter from Asa Gray, 22 May 1855.
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    f3 1725.f3
    See letter from Asa Gray, 30 June 1855, n. 7.
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