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Letter 1724

Darwin, C. R. to Gould, A. A.

21 July 1855

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    If AAG is no longer member of the Ray Society, CD would like to send copy of Living Cirripedia, vol. 2.


Down Farnborough Kent

July 21. /55

My dear Sir

In a note received a few days since from Sir C. Lyell he tells me that you have seen my last volume on Cirripedia, & think well of it. (which I assure you pleases me very much); but this leads me to ask whether I am mistaken in supposing that you are still one of the subscribers to the Ray Soc.y I have two copies left, & I well know that no one has a better right than yourself, to a copy,—a very small & poor return for all your kindness.—

I have retained these two copies in case I shd hear of anyone working on Cirripedes: but if you are no longer a member of the Ray Soc.y & would be so kind as to take the trouble to inform me, it would give me the greatest pleasure to send you a copy. If I do not hear I shall understand that you are still a member, & will no doubt in due time receive your copy. The volume was not distributed for some time after I sent out my presentation copies—

I hope that you will forgive my troubling you with this note; but I shd dislike exceedingly to be thought ungrateful by you.—

Pray believe me | My dear Sir | With much respect | Yours very faithfully | Charles Darwin

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    f1 1724.f1
    Living Cirripedia (1854).
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    f2 1724.f2
    See letter to A. A. Gould, 9 September [1854].
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