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Letter 1718

Darwin, C. R. to Henslow, J. S.

14 July [1855]

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    Sends a list of 22 plants that grow at Hitcham and in the Azores and are, according to H. C. Watson, least likely to have been imported [by man]. Will pay the little girls of Hitcham liberally to collect the seeds for his experiments.


Down Farnborough Kent

July 14th

My dear Henslow.

With mistakes & alterations, the Hitcham list is so blotched, that I have copied out the 22 plants, which grow at Hitcham & are found at Azores; & are, according to a list of 77 received yesterday, from Mr H. C. Watson, the least likely to have been imported with agricultural seeds.— If you will employ your little girls to collect these, I shd be greatly obliged, & pay them liberally for me. I shd require, when such could be procured, a packet with 100 or 200 seeds of each kind, or even rather more of the easily procured kinds; of course less would do. But I have to try them without salting, & at successive periods after immersion.—

I think I shd prefer waiting till you have a good many of the 22 kinds together.

I hope that you think the experiment sufficiently curious to repay you in some slight degree for part of trouble you have so kindly taken. I hope that the little girls, with payment in view, will enjoy the job.—

Most truly yours | C. Darwin diag Water-cress— Nasturtium officinale


Strawberry Fragaria vesca

Cinque-foil, creeping Potentilla reptans

Cinquefoil strawberry-leaved P. tormentilla

Willow-herb—small-flowered. Epilob. parviflorum

Water-star-wort Callitriche

Ivy Hedera helix

Marsh-wort procumbent. Helosciadium nodiflorum

Bedstraw, white water Galium palustre

Centaury common Erythræa centauria

Hooded-Bindweed, great. Convolvulus sepium

Primrose Primula veris

Figwort water Scrophularia aquatica

Speedwell thyme-leaved. Veronica serpyllifolia

—— water —— anagallis

—— common —— officinalis

Thrincia hairy — Thrincia hirta

Spurge-laurel, common Daphne laureola

Club Rush, lake Scirpus lacustris

Carex— any 2 species.


22 kinds


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    f1 1718.f1
    Henslow 1855a, sent to CD by Henslow (see letter to J. S. Henslow, 27 June [1855]).
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    f2 1718.f2
    See letter from H. C. Watson, 11 July [1855].
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