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Letter 1710

Darwin, C. R. to Berkeley, M. J.

3 July [1855]


Reports success of seed-soaking experiments. Celery and onion germinate after 85 days’ immersion.


Down Farnborough Kent

July 3d

My dear Sir

It has occurred to me that you possibly might like to hear how some of my longest soaked seeds get on, so I report to you, that the following have germinated

Beet after 65 days, but

Rhubarb in the cold water

Orache 82 days, cold.—

Oats after 70 days at

Canary seed ordinary temperature


Cress after 70 days but

Lettuce only a few of each have

Radish come up, with a prolonged

Carrott period of germination.

Celery after 85 days.—


This last seems to me a very striking fact.

My dear Sir | Yours very sincerely | Charles Darwin

The Peas you were so very kind as to send me are growing splendidly.—f1

Shropshire Archives (SA 6001/134/44)



See letters to M. J. Berkeley, 7 April [1855] and 11 April [1855].
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