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Letter 1673

Darwin, C. R. to Lubbock, John

24 Apr [1855]

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    Praise for JL's interesting paper ["On the freshwater entomostraca of South America", Trans. Entomol. Soc. Lond. n.s. 3 (1854–6): 232–46].



Ap. 24th

Dear Lubbock

I do not see a word to correct or a suggestion to make on your Paper. It appears to me a nice & interesting notice, & I suppose you mean to send it to theannals.—

I am not surprised at your not having time lately to do much, I am only astonished at your ever finding time to work at Nat. History.

I shall be delighted to see you whenever you may have leisure to come.— Next week I shall probably be from home.—

Have you any surplus stock of F. W. Mollusca for I want some for my little vivarium with its one plant of Anacharis.

Most truly yours | C. Darwin

I was very sorry I was not able to come for both your last very kind invitations.—

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    f1 1673.f1
    Lubbock 1855, on the freshwater Entomostraca of South America, in which Lubbock described four of CD's Beagle specimens of Crustacea. Three were identified as new species: Cypris australis, C. brasiliensis, and Daphnia brasiliensis.
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    f2 1673.f2
    John Lubbock's first four papers on Entomostraca had all been published in the Annals and Magazine of Natural History in 1853 and 1854.
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    f3 1673.f3
    Freshwater Mollusca. CD wanted to see whether they could survive in salt-water. See Correspondence vol. 6.
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    f4 1673.f4
    See letter to J. S. Henslow, 26 March [1855].
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