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Letter 1653

Darwin, C. R. to Davy, John

25 Mar [1855]

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    Will forward JD's paper to the Royal Society ["On the ova of salmon", Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. 146 (1856): 21–9].


Down Farnborough Kent

March 25

My dear Sir

I arrived home late last night, (bringing with me the Angler & his Friend) & found your Paper here; I write this merely in case that you might be surprised that I had not earlier acknowledged its safe arrival.—

I assure you I feel much pleased & flattered by the form you have done me the honour of putting the communication under.

In two or three days I will forward it to the Royal Socy & do myself the pleasure of writing to you again.—

In Haste pray believe me | Yours truly obliged | Charles Darwin

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    f1 1653.f1
    The title of Davy 1855. CD recorded having read it on 25 April 1855 (Correspondence vol. 4, Appendix IV, 128: 10).
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    f2 1653.f2
    See letter from John Davy, 21 March 1855, which was intended to be communicated by CD to the Royal Society. It was later published as Davy 1856.
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    f3 1653.f3
    The paper was written in epistolary style addressed to CD. It explained the results of experiments that Davy stated had been suggested to him by CD.
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