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Letter 1589

Darwin, C. R. to Steenstrup, J. J. S.

7 Sept [1854]


Offers to send collection of cirripedes to Copenhagen Museum in return for assistance in his research. Mentions publication of Living Cirripedia, vol. 2.


Down Farnborough Kent

Sept. 7th.

Dear Sir

As you formerly were very kind in sending me so many valuable fossil cirripedes, I am anxious to make some, though a very inadequate return.— I shall, therefore, in the hope that they may be worth accepting by the Copenhagen Museum, put up some cirripedes, about 77 species in number, as in the annexed list.f1 These species are all named, with the localities in most cases attached. Some of them are very rare, but most are common species. Of the latter I have included several varieties, which are ⟨pe⟩rhaps the most useful part of the small collection offered. As you are a member of the Ray Socy. I do not offer to send a copy of my last volume, now completed; for as I am under obligation to many naturalists, who are not members, & I wish to send them copies.— As I know that you have not time to answer letters, I will assume that you will be willing to accept my small offering, which I wish was better, & will send the small box, as soon as I can find out the best way of forwarding it.

With much respect, I remain, dear Sir | Your faithful servant | Charles Darwin

Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen (NKS 3460 4to); Natural History Museum of Denmark



The list is not now with the letter and has not been located. The specimens which CD sent to Steenstrup are still in the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen (see Henry and McLaughlin 1986, p. 4).
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