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Letter 1580

Darwin, C. R. to Hancock, Albany

24 Aug [1854]

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    Can AH spare Alcippe specimens for British Museum?

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    C. S. Bate has found Alcippe off Plymouth.

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    Discusses returning specimens to AH.

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    Owes to AH the discussion of powers of excavation of Verruca in Living Cirripedia [vol. 2 (1854)].


Down Farnborough Kent

Aug. 24th

My dear Sir

You may remember that you gave me permission most generously to dissect all your specimens of Alcippe lampas, which I obtained by dissolving the shell: but I have one or two in spirits not cut up. Shall I return them? or can you spare them for Brit: Mus:? I may mention that Mr Bate has found Alcippe off Plymouth. I have some other specimens of yours not of much value, except one from Madeira. There is one, however, from Davis St. which I know is to be returned. I cd return the whole lot by Post, without I have to return the Bottles.— In this latter case is there anywhere in London, where parcels collect for you?—

Allow me to thank you cordially & truly for the very great pleasure I derived from examining Alcippe lampas, which is described in full in my volume, now printed, & I presume soon to be published by the Ray Socy I have also discussed the excavating powers of Verruca, which subject I owe entirely to you. As there are several specs of the oxynaspis from Madeira, I have ventured to take 2 or 3 to give to Museums.

With my sincere thanks & with much respect, I remain | My dear Sir | Yours sincerely | Charles Darwin.

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    f1 1580.f1
    See letter to C. S. Bate, 7 July [1853].
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    f2 1580.f2
    Oxynaspis celata (see Living Cirripedia (1851): 134–6).
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    f3 1580.f3
    Davis Strait, between Greenland and Canada, connects Baffin Bay with the Atlantic Ocean. The specimen from Hancock's collection was Balanus porcatus (Living Cirripedia (1854): 256–9).
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    f4 1580.f4
    Living Cirripedia (1854): 529–63.
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    f5 1580.f5
    Living Cirripedia (1854): 512–18. CD prefaced this section by stating: ‘My attention was called to this subject by Mr. Hancock, whose excellent researches on the boring of Mollusca are well known.’ (p. 512).
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