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Letter 15

Darwin, E. A. to Darwin, C. R.

[June 1825]

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    Asks CD whether he is making any plans for Edinburgh.

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    Will be home in three weeks.



Dear Bobby,

You really are a beautiful correspondent. As to the tackle you are quite welcome to have it all except the line whose beauties you don't appear to appreciate properly.

Are you making any plans with regard to Edinbororough? any nice little stony excursions? We'll have rare fun in plannning if we dont have any in performing them. I've made five hundred already for my share. How shall you fancy going there by sea? it is 14 hour's passage from Liverpool to Glasgow. We can stay a day or two at ye Ile of Man if either of us feel inclined to give up the ghost, which wont be very unlikely I think. I shall be down in about 3 weeks & then Gracious Heavens! how you will chatter but.

Tell Susan that I dont know whether she corresponds with Edward Holland, but that he is the only channel thro' which I hear of her. How came Susan to come away before min' aunt? Did she quarrel with Jessy or was it because Tom had the rheumatism in his jaws. The Hollands are all here with whom I am now going to dine & must therefore conclude.

My Love ad omnes, & I hope the Dr is better | Yours truly, E. D.


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    f1 15.f1
    The letter is dated from the reference to Erasmus's coming down in about three weeks. The 1825 Easter Term ended 6 July.
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    A second cousin, Edward Holland, was at the time an undergraduate at Trinity College.
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    Louisa Jane (Jane) Wedgwood.
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    f4 15.f4
    Jessie Wedgwood.
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    f5 15.f5
    Thomas Josiah Wedgwood, Jessie's brother.
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