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Letter 148

Darwin, C. R. to Whitley, C. T.

15 Nov [1831]

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    Regrets that it will be impossible to visit Cambridge for some years. Reminisces about CW's "classical Sunday evenings", the Glutton Club, and his friends.

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    "We spend about 2 years in S. America, the rest of time larking round the world."


4 Clarence Baths | Devonport

My dear Whitley

I received your letter some days after date; & to my grief, you will see by my direction, it is impossible to pay Cambridge a visit for some years to come.— If I had earlier known how many repriefs I should have had, I certainly would have staid in London & then most assuredly I would have come & seen all the good old civilized Phys:s once again in Cambridge.— Long indeed will it be, before I see such a set, as used to meet at your most classical Sunday evenings.—

My feelings overpower me when I think of the simple, the elegant, Glutton club & that day of victory & triumph & inward-glorying, which some call sublime, but the wise know it to be the full round feeling from a contented dinner.— Oh Lord what a jolly place Cambridge is.— But it is all over, so there is no use thinking about it. But I cannot help it; I suppose jolly old Herbert & F Watkins are up there.— I swear I would go without my dinner to sit by & see you three eat one. As for old Herbert, I will beat him in telling lies when I come back, if I dont may all men cry eternal shame on my soul.— I wish you three men the quickest the largest & the best digestions of any men in the united kingdoms.—

The man has just come for the letters & here I have been writing like a confounded fool.— But when I think of you & some few others, I must do one of two things.— either be bonâ fide melancholy & or talk like a fool.— The first would be `too ridiculous' for after all what is four years, it is long to look forward to, but when once passed what a stage it will make in my life. I have no time for any more, give my very very best wishes to Herbert & Watkins

The scheme is a most magnificent one. We spend about 2 years in S America, the rest of time larking round the world

Remember me to Lowe & all others Especially to old Matthew if you see him.—

If you or any others have time for one line to tell me Cambridge; I shall be grateful for it. I shall be here till end of this month

My dear Whitley.— God bless you | Yours very affecty. | C. Darwin *S 2

Nov. 15th

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