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Letter 1426

Darwin, C. R. to Wedgwood, Hensleigh & Wedgwood, F. E. E.

1 May [1851]

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    Thanks HW for the trouble he has taken; sends a cheque [to cover expenses of Anne's funeral?]. Emma Darwin adds a note to FMW.



May 1st

My dear Hensleigh.

Many thanks for the account & all the trouble you have so kindly taken: I enclose a cheque for the £12’ s 2’ d 0.—

Also thanks for the Grammar.— My kindest love to Fanny.

Yours affectionately | C. Darwin
My dearest Fanny

We were both gratified to hear of dear little Effie's tears. How happy they used to be together! It is Effie's first Sorrow & the loss of one so near her age brings it more before her mind. I think she will like to possess some little keepsake out of poor Annie's treasures. She was always the one Annie loved best. Thank you dearest Fanny for offering to come down. I think I shall value the sight of you more after my confinement, but whenever it is, I shall find it the greatest comfort to speak to you about all that has passed. Thank my dear Aunt F. for her most kind little note. I do hope she is sure to be with us before very long or I should be truly vexed that she had turned away from the door that evening. I had some hopes my troubles were beginning yesterday but it was a false alarm. It will be a very soothing occupation looking after a young baby. My best love to my dear Hensleigh. | E. D.

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    f1 1426.f1
    CD's Account book (Down House MS) has this sum entered on 30 April, with the note ‘Balance due to H. Wedgwood for Malvern’. An entry on 2 June reads: ‘Funeral Malvern. Cox & Co. [£]57 12[s.] 6[d.]’.
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    f2 1426.f2
    Hensleigh Wedgwood, an original member of the Philological Society (1842), had entirely devoted himself to the study of philology since 1849, when his position as registrar of Metropolitan Carriages was abolished. The ‘Grammar’ has not been identified.
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    f3 1426.f3
    Katherine Euphemia Wedgwood was 12, two years older than Anne.
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