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Letter 1415

Wedgwood, S. E. (b) to Darwin, C. R.

[24 Apr 1851]

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    Tells CD how Anne's death is affecting Emma. Hopes he may soon return.


My poor dear Charles

The only comfort I can try to give you is telling you how gently & sweetly Emma takes this bitter affliction. She crys at times, but without violence—comes to our meals with the children & is as sweetly ready as ever to attend to all their little requirements. I do not fear, taking it as she does that she will be made ill. It will be the greatest comfort to her to see you home very soon, & to have the additional anxiety of absence from you no longer. It is very happy that Willie is here now—and I felt quite glad last night to hear his voice talking to her out of his bed after she was in hers.

I will write no more my dear Charles. I earnestly hope you will very soon be able to come home—but that you will not set out with the least risk of the journey being too much for you.

Emma had a tolerable night last night—

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