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Letter 1405

Darwin, Emma to Darwin, C. R.

[19 Apr 1851]

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    Gives her reactions to CD's reports on Anne's health.



Sat. | 14 past 4.

My dearest N.

The message is just arrived. What happiness! How I do thank God! but I will not feel too hopeful. I was in the garden looking at my poor darling's little garden to find a flower of hers when John Griffith's drove up. Give my best love to dear Fanny & Catherine. The latter & Brodie must want some repose. We shall hear nothing more now till Monday but I shall wait very well now.

John takes this back with him but I don't know whether it will be too late.

I hardly dare think of such happiness. I hope you will sleep tonight my own.

May the dreadful sickness keep off our child

Goodbye. | E.D

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    f1 1405.f1
    An abbreviation for ‘Nigger’, one of Emma's pet names for CD (Emma Darwin 2: 104).
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    f2 1405.f2
    Probably Erasmus Alvey Darwin's manservant.
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    f3 1405.f3
    Probably Miss C. A. Thorley, who was nursing Anne.
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    f4 1405.f4
    The Darwin children's nurse (Emma Darwin 2: 86).
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