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Letter 1401

Darwin, C. R. to Darwin, Emma

[18 Apr 1851]

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    Reports on Anne's condition.



Friday | 7 oclock

Dr Gully not come.

She appears dreadfully exhausted, & I thought for some time she was sinking, but she has now rallied a little. The two symptoms Dr G, dreads most have not come on restlessness & coldness.— If her three awful fits of vomiting were not of the nature of a crisis, I look at the case as hopeless.— I cannot realise our position, God Help us.—

7o 30'. Dr Gully has been & thank God he says though the appearances are so bad, positively no one important symptom is worse, & that he yet has hopes—positively he has Hopes.— Oh my dear be thankful..—

Four deluges of vomiting she has had today—poor thing—

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