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Letter 140

Darwin, C. R. to Henslow, J. S.

[4 or 11 Oct 1831]

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    Asks JSH to take charge of his consignments of specimens from the voyage.


17 Spring Gardens


My dear Henslow

I called on your Brother yesterday & paid him the 7'12. which I owe you: & he told me that he was going to send a parcel to you: so that I seize the opportunity of writing to you on the subject of consingment.— I have talked to every body: & you are my only resourse; if you will take charge, it will be doing me the greatest kindness.— The land carriage to Cambridge will be as nothing compared to having some safe place to stow them; & what is more having somebody to see that they are safe.— I suppose plants & Bird skins are the only things that give trouble: but I know you will do what is proper for them.—

Will you give me as minute instructions about the directing, as if you were writing to an Otaheite savage: or what will be better make a scetch of lid of box, & on it direction, precisely & every letter, as if it was one I was going to send it off from any remote place.— About paying for them, I should think the best plan will be, after the arrival of one or two cases, to write to my Father, & he will place the sum to your account at any bank in Cambridge you may choose:— I will write to him on the subject: I am so very busy, as never was anything like it before: I have hardly time to look about me: I suppose we do not sail till November, so that I will, of course write to you from Devonport.— Mr. Brown has been of great use to me, & most exceedingly pleasant & goodnatured.—

Your Brother must think me a regular practised swindler, for most unluckily I gave him the money sealed up; which most properly he opened when lo & behold there was 6 instead of 7'10: I am sure he will think for the future you are very rash to trust me.—

Will you be kind enough to write to me, before I leave London on Sunday 16th. about consingements

Believe me, my dear Henslow | Yours ever sincerely obliged | Chas. Darwin.—

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