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Letter 1393

Darwin, C. R. to Harris, William

4 Mar [1851]

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    Has finished the last proof of his monograph [Fossil Lepadidae] and returns WH's specimens. Has named two new species from the collection.


Down. Farnborough Kent

March 4th

My dear Sir

At last I have finished the last proof of my little monograph, & am enabled to return you your specimens with very many thanks. I hope that they will reach you quite safely. I have named two new species from your collection; I have no doubt it contains several other new forms, but all your specimens are so young that I dare not attach names to them. I have enclosed a catalogue of such specimens, as I could venture even approximately to name.— One of the species described from your specimens viz. S. tuberculatum, is an unusually well-defined & interesting species.— You have but few specimens of it; otherwise I shd have begged for one or two to present to the British Mus. with the rest of my collection.—

Once again accept my best thanks & believe me, dear Sir | Yours very faithfully | C. Darwin

The second species, described from your collection, P. semilatus is a unique specimen.—

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    Harris had lent CD several fossil cirripedes (see Correspondence vol. 4, letter to William Harris, 6 August [1850]).
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    Scalpellum tuberculatum and Pollicipes semilatus (Fossil Cirripedia (1851): 43, 72).
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    Even the valves from the two species identified and named by CD were minute: he recorded that in Harris's specimens of S. tuberculatum the carina measured only 0.2 inches and the terga less than 0.15 inches (Fossil Cirripedia (1851): 43).
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