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Letter 1391

Darwin, C. R. to Sowerby, J. C.

19 Feb [1851]

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    Comments on JdeCS's plates [for Fossil Cirripedia (Lepadidae)]. Asks if JdeCS can lend him specimens of fossil Balanidae.


Down Farnborough Kent

Feb. 19th

My dear Sir

The Plate will now do very well; & I am much obliged for all the trouble you have taken, & congratulate you that I can cause no more.

The specimens all arrived quite safe: I thank you for having registered them which I did not think of, & I return you in stamps the Cost.—

With respect to what you say about the payment of the drawings is exceedingly liberal; but on the other hand, the drawings, though no doubt they facilitated the engraving, must have put you to some extra trouble; did you include this trouble in your estimate to the Pal. Soc.? because if not, I must beg you, to make some charge to me, for I should be sorry to take an unfair advantage of your liberality. On the latter view, whenever convenient, please to let me know what I am indebted to you.

Accept my thanks & believe me | Yours very faithfully | C. Darwin

P.S. | Mr Salter tells me you have several named fossil Balani; if you could at any time get to these & lend them me, they might & probably would be of great service.

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    f1 1391.f1
    See letters to J. de C. Sowerby, 10 February [1851] and 13 February [1851].
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    f2 1391.f2
    John William Salter, who had been apprenticed to Sowerby in 1835 and was at this time assistant palaeontologist to the Geological Survey (Secord 1985).
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    f3 1391.f3
    Seven specimens from Sowerby's collection are listed in Fossil Cirripedia (1854).
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