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Letter 13880

Darwin, C. R. to unidentified

24 Aug [1861–8]


Thanks correspondent for a remarkable instance of inheritance [not specified].


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E.

Aug 24—

Dear Sir

Although you are so kind as to tell me not to acknowledge yourletter, I must beg permission to thank you. The case which yourelate is extremely interesting, & though I have heard of severalyet I am very glad to have heard of this remarkable instanceof inheritancef2

With my thanks pray believe me my dear Sir | yours faithfully |Charles Darwin

Wellcome Library (Wellcome MS.7781/28)



The date range is established by the form of address, which is onethat was used byCD between May 1861 and April 1869.
While CD was working on Variation and after the book waspublished he was occasionally sent unusual cases of inheritance inplants, humans, and other animals. See, for example, Correspondencevol. 15, letter to William Ogle, 29 March [1867].
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