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Letter 137

Owen, S. H. M. to Darwin, C. R.

[27–30 Sept 1831]

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    She encloses a pin with "genuine hair" and is flattered that it will go around the world with CD.


My dear Charles,

You see I am as good as my word, or rather Mr Baker is, for I enclose the promised Pin, the hair is genuine, & I am much flattered in the idea that it is destined to accompany you round the world—

We all felt very melancholy after your departure on Sunday, I do not know what Woodhouse will do without you for so long, but I hope & trust we may both meet with success in our respective new careers, & live to meet here again very very often; remember your promise about No.1, Belgrave St. & pray think of me in the mean time, & write whenever you have an idle half hour. I assure you my parting promise to you shall be most religiously kept, & you may expect a true & correct account from the Pen of the Sufferer herself—

I am so glad you have a short reprieve for the sake of your Family, though perhaps you are not so well pleased with the delay—

God bless you, my dear Charles, believe that whenever I may change my title, I shall always remain your very sincere & affectionate Friend | Sarah—

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    f1 137.f1
    The pin, inserted in the letter, is preserved at the Cambridge University Library (DAR 204.4).
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    f2 137.f2
    Sarah's address after her marriage.
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