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Letter 1343

Darwin, C. R. to Sowerby, J. C.

8 Jul [1850]


Has received plates. Gives instructions for scale and arrangement of engravings.


Down Farnborough Kent

July 8th

My dear Sir

I am heartily glad to get the arranged Plates, & I trust now you willmake some good progress.— I like the arrangement much: do notreduce the figures of any of the species too much for the sake ofcrowding them together, but of course I do not wish to cause uselessexpense for the Society.—⟨    ⟩

I think it wd. certainly be better to have, (if convenient) all ofS. maximus on one Plate. Please observe I mean now provisionally totreat S. maximus var lineatum, as a distinct species, & it must befigured with that [ … ] (scutum) lately sent to you by Post, butwhich you do not acknowledge. This S. lineatum had better go near toS. hastatum.⟨    ⟩

I am particularly glad that you have introduced all the foreignspecies.—



Please to get me drawings for (3) Woodcuts done first astheir cutting will otherwise delay my going to Press with the firstsheets: when done please send them here by Post with my roughdrawings.—

I thank you much for your progress, & do pray advance as quickly asyou can: I shall be most anxious to see first Proof Plate.—

Your’s sincerely, | C. Darwin

Sotheby’s, New York (17 June 2010)


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