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Letter 1320

Darwin, C. R. to Gould, A. A.

8 Apr [1850]

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    Parcel from AAG containing cirripede specimens has been received by CD from Hugh Cuming.


Down Farnborough Kent

April 8th

My dear Sir

I write one line to say how sorry I am that I troubled you with a former letter; for on calling yesterday at Mr Cumings I found there a parcel for me from you. Mr Cuming was ill when it arrived & the servant laid it aside & it was found only the other day.— I am very much obliged for this fresh proof of your kindness.— In your note, you speak of a Coronula being enclosed; such, I am sorry to say was not in the parcel & I am quite unable to account for its loss. The parcel contained only a fine large Balanus. Mr Dana gave me some hopes that you possessed some species of Scalpellum.—

Pray accept my apologies & thanks & believe | me dear Sir in Haste | Yours sincerely obliged | C. Darwin

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    The reference in the letter to CD's wish to see species of Scalpellum indicates a date of 1850, the period during which he was preparing descriptions of this genus for Living Cirripedia (1851). CD was in London to attend a council meeting of the Geological Society on 10 April (‘Journal’; Correspondence vol. 4, Appendix I), which might be the occasion on which he visited Hugh Cuming.
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