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Letter 1310

Darwin, C. R. to Bowerbank, J. S.

[8 Mar 1850]

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    Thanks JSB for cirripede specimens. Discusses publication [of Fossil Cirripedia].

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    Discusses his membership in Palaeontographical Society.


Down Farnborough Kent

Friday Even.

My dear Sir

Your letter having been directed Farnham made an astonishing tour & arrived here only yesterday.— I am particularly obliged for loan of the Pollicipes cornucopia (common species) for with it, there is, as I believe, a new Chthamalus & Balanus cranchii, the southern range of which I was very curious to know about.— I will retain the specimen as a loan, or pay you what you gave Eling for it, if you so choose.—

I was very glad indeed to hear that the Palæont. Soc. accepted my proposal; in a few weeks, when I have got all my drawings & M.S. ready I will communicate again with you for your advice on some points— The drawings must be on copper for all depends on lines of growth:— James de C. Sowerby is making my drawings, & wd undoubtedly engrave them best.—

I am particularly much obliged to you for speaking to Mr Hanley; will you forgive me asking you to write his address on slip of paper & enclose it to me; for I know not how else to find it out.

I suppose I was admitted a member of the Palæont. Soc. & shall sometime hear when & where I can pay my Subscriptions &c.

Yours very sincerely | C. Darwin

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    f1 1310.f1
    The date, a Friday, is conjectured from the relationship of this letter to CD's letter to Bowerbank, 17 March [1850], in which CD sends thanks for information requested here. Friday the 15th would probably not have allowed sufficient time for Bowerbank's response.
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    f2 1310.f2
    Pollicipes cornucopia is described in Living Cirripedia (1851): 298–303.
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    f3 1310.f3
    Eight species of the genus Chthamalus are described in Living Cirripedia (1854): 447–69, but none that is new or described as attached to a specimen supplied by Bowerbank.
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    f4 1310.f4
    Balanus cranchii is recorded as one of the synonyms for B. perforatus (Living Cirripedia (1854): 231).
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    f5 1310.f5
    William Eling was a dealer in shells living in Deptford High Street, London (Post Office London directory 1848).
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    f6 1310.f6
    See letter to the Palaeontographical Society, [before 22 February 1850].
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    f7 1310.f7
    For CD's opinion on the inadequacy of lithography for figuring natural history specimens, see letter to J. de C. Sowerby, [13 April 1850].
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    f8 1310.f8
    Sylvanus Charles Thorpe Hanley. CD thanked him in both Living Cirripedia (1854): 277 n. and Fossil Cirripedia (1854): 25 n. for providing a reference to a work by Ascanius that established the priority of the name Balanus hameri.
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