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Letter 1301

Darwin, C. R. to Fitch, Robert

[5 Feb 1850]

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    Asks permission to clean specimen. Describes research on cirripedes.



My dear Sir

Amongst the specimens first sent, there is one embedded with its back downwards, presenting a concavity upwards: it is in present state absolutely & utterly useless every character is hidden: if you like, I will soak it & clear chalk off— But do not say yes, without you would like it, for I have not the least idea what the valve is, it may be new or it may be old.—& nothing will ever be known about it in its present state.—

I have well exhibited the additional side to the carina, which you granted me permission to do, & it is now the best specimen which I have seen & I will have it figured.— I have just made out a quite new beautiful & distinct species of Pollicipes out of the lot last sent The species are very numerous—for in Mr Flower of Croydon's small collection I have found two other new & distinct species of Scalpellum from Chalk.—

Yours very faithfully | C. Darwin
Down Farnborough Kent

Tuesday.— P.S. I have opened this note to thank you very sincerely for your renewed proof of your kindness in your letter just received.—

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    f1 1301.f1
    The specimen referred to in letter to Robert Fitch, 15 January [1850].
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    f2 1301.f2
    The species CD later named Pollicipes angelini.
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    f3 1301.f3
    John Wickham Flower.
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    f4 1301.f4
    The two species described from Flower's collection were Scalpellum trilineatum and S. arcuatum (Fossil Cirripedia (1851): 38, 40; Trenn 1974, p. 482 n. 97).
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    f5 1301.f5
    Fitch apparently offered to send CD some more specimens (see letter to Robert Fitch, [6 February 1850]).
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