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Letter 12931

Darwin, C. R. to Browne, W. R.

22 Dec 1880

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    Believes the conference will be of no value because individuals can only decide for themselves on the truths of science and religion.


Down, | Beckenham, Kent. | (Railway Station | Orpington. S.E.R.)

Dec 22 1880

Dear Sir

I am much obliged for your very courteous note. I regret that it wd be impossible for me to explain the causes of my disbelief in any good being derived from the conference, without treating the subject at inordinate length. I will only add that in my opinion, a man who wishes to form a judgment on this subject, must weigh the evidence for himself; & he ought not to be influenced by being told that a considerable number of scientific men can reconcile the results of science with revealed or or natural religion, whilst others cannot do so.

I beg leave to remain | Dear Sir | Yours faithfully | Charles Darwin

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    See letter from W. R. Browne, 21 December 1880.
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