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Letter 12879

Darwin, C. R. to Fegan, J. W. C.

[Dec 1880 – Feb 1881]

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    Gladly turns reading room over to JWCF for his mission work. Through his gospel services there is not a drunkard left in the village.


Dear Mr. Fegan,

You ought not to have to write to me for permission to use the Reading Room. You have far more right to it than we have, for your services have done more for the village in a few months than all our efforts for many years. We have never been able to reclaim a drunkard, but through your services I do not know that there is a drunkard left in the village.

Now may I have the pleasure of handing the Reading Room over to you? Perhaps, if we should want it some night for a special purpose, you will be good enough to let us use it.

Yours sincerely, | Charles Darwin.

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