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Letter 128

Darwin, C. R. to Henslow, J. S.

17 [Sept 1831]

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    Plans to come to Cambridge to discuss Beagle voyage. Only difficulty is disposal of his collections. South Sea Islands now more probable.


17 Spring Gardens

Saturday 17th.—

My dear Sir

I arrived this morning from Plymouth & found your letter with six others on my table.— I mention this, as it will account for my writing to you a very short letter.— I called on your brother, but he was not at home, I heard there that you left London yesterday: How very unfortunate it was my being detained in Plymouth: I should have much enjoyed taking a walk in London town with you.— I am much obliged for your asking me to take up my quarters with you: I will most gratefully accept it in every point but one, viz sleeping at your house.— I shall arrive in the middle of the night by the Mail, & after 2 or 3 days shall start very early in the morning to Birmingham: So I cannot think of turning your house upside down for merely one night.— Will you be kind enough to order a bed for me at the Hoops for Monday night: as it is almost certain I shall come to Cambridge then.— You may tremble at my arrival,—for I shall not give you a moments peace. I have so many things to ask about & talk about.— Every thing goes on very well.— The SS Islands daily become more probable.— My cabin is more comfortable than I expected: & my only difficulty is about the disposal of my collection when I come back.— I have seen this very morning Cap. Beaufort & had some talk on the subject.— There is one other disagreeable thing, but of this in future.— The ballance however is quite on the prosperous side.—

Excuse this hasty letter & believe me dear Sir, with my best thanks, Yours ever most sincerely | Chas. Darwin.—

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    The Louth and Boston Mail arrived at half-past two every morning from London; the Rising Sun coach to Birmingham left at 6.00 a.m. (Cambridge University calendar, 1831).
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    The Hoop Inn, Cambridge.
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