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Letter 12795

Dixie, F. C. to Darwin, C. R.

4 Nov [1880]

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    Thanks CD for his reply to her letter.

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    Offers to send him a copy of her book on her expedition to Patagonia [Across Patagonia (1880)].


Nov. 4th.

Dear Mr. Darwin.

I must write a line to thank you for your kind letter in reply to mine.---- The books you recommend I shall certainly procure & read with interest;---- I have myself written a short description of my wanderings in Patagonia which appears this month in print and if you will do me the honour of accepting a copy I shall feel very proud to send you one. The work does not comprise the extent of my whole expedition which on leaving
Patagonia I carried on up the Rivers Plate Uruguay & Parana. From Patagonia I brought home some ostriches a gunaco, & from the Rivers
Plate, Uruguay, & Parana, a great many animals, comprising some
ostriches, a Capybara & a little jaguar. The mother attacked me &
followed me up a tree, in self defence I was obliged to shoot her but
saved one of the cubs from the gauchos.---- Since then he has been my almost
constant companion following me ab^t^. like a dog altho' of an enormous size
being now 2. years old. I only yesterday took him to the Zoological Gardens,
much to my regret, but he was growing so big that it was not safe
keeping him longer at large. I have mentioned this fact to prove how these
animals can be tamed by kindness as completely as a dog.----

With many apologies for thus troubling you | I beg to remain | very faithfully y^rs^. | Florence Dixie

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