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Letter 1270

Forchhammer, J. G. to Darwin, C. R.

[15 Nov 1849]

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    Has sent all the fossil pedunculated cirripedes in the Copenhagen collection, together with a letter from Johannes Steenstrup concerning changes he believes are needed in the descriptions.


My dear Sir.

With the steamer Camilla which left Copenhagen some days ago, I have sent to You all the fossil peduncalated Cirrhipedes which our collection contains and inclosed You will find a letter from Prof. Steenstrup which will tell You about the changes which he thinks proper to make in his former destinctions. I have not separated those specimens which I could give You for Your own collection and I should be obliged to You if You would return them all with Your names; specifiing which of them You should wish for Your own collection.

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    f1 1270.f1
    The letter has been transcribed from Forchhammer's copy book (Copiebog 2).
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    f2 1270.f2
    The date is taken from a note on the copy: ‘(Chas Darwin) 15, Nov 1849.’
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    f3 1270.f3
    Johannes Japetus Smith Steenstrup's letter has not been found.
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