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Letter 1263

Darwin, C. R. to Swale and Wilson

[on or before 24 Oct 1849]

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    Orders books [Hugh Miller, Foot-prints of the Creator (1849)

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    and Carl Wilhelm von Humboldt, Thoughts and opinions of a statesman, Sir Arthur Helps, ed. (1849)].



Dear Sir

Will you please to send to address on other page by next Wednesday night, diag —— Footprints of a Creator (by H. Miller)

—— Humboldts letters of a Statesman translated recently

—— Six cards of “Patent Parryian National Pen Nor 3.: Fine Pointsramme

NB please attend that this kind be sent.

And a packet of 100 of Newspaper covers; I think patented by Delafield—viz a strip of paper with a tape let in.—

Yours faithfully | C. Darwin C. Darwin Ese care of G. Snow Nag's Head Borough.

N.B. Carrier goes on Thursday morning

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    f1 1263.f1
    The conjectured recipients, Swale and Wilson of 21 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, were publishers, general stationers, and news-vendors (Post Office London directory 1849). CD's Account Book (Down House MS) shows payments for newspapers and books to this bookseller.
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    f2 1263.f2
    Dated from the reference to Hugh Miller's book (Miller 1849) and from the letter to M. E. Lyell, [24 October 1849], in which CD stated he had just ordered a copy of the work for himself.
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    f3 1263.f3
    Miller 1849. CD recorded having read it on 21 November 1849 (DAR 119; Correspondence vol. 4, Appendix IV). His unannotated copy is in the Darwin Library–Down.
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    f4 1263.f4
    K. W. von Humboldt 1849. CD did not record reading this work until 20 April 1852, when he noted: ‘William Humboldts letters, partly read.’ (DAR 128; Correspondence vol. 4, Appendix IV).
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    f5 1263.f5
    A sprung-steel nib that slipped onto a wooden shaft, patented in 1830 by James Perry, a bookseller and stationer in Red Lion Yard, London.
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    f6 1263.f6
    Wrappers used for forwarding newspapers and magazines through the post.
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