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Letter 1245

Darwin, C. R. to Murray, John (b)

12 June [1849]

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    Appreciates what Murray and the printer are doing to rectify the error [transposition of pages of text in "Geology"]. But if the responsible person will be fined heavily, CD would want to "make some present".


The Lodge Malvern

June 12th

My dear Sir

I am extremely much obliged by your kind note. I return one (which will suffice) of my copies & my private copies to be corrected.— I am very sorry for the expence Mr Clowes will be put to, & for the trouble caused you.—

Do you chance to know whether the unfortunate Reader or head Compositor will be fined heavily, for I cannot bear the thought of this, & if you happen to know that such is the case & would out of charity direct one of your clerks to inform me I would write to Mr Clowes & make the poor workman some present.—

If I receive no answer, I shall understand that the expence does not fall on a workman.—

Pray forgive me this trouble & accept my thanks.

Yours very faithfully | C. Darwin

I shd like my copies to be sent here, as I suppose they will be complete before end of month.

If adviseable, I shd be happy to look over the cancelled sheets, but there are no errors except the transposition

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