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Letter 1231

Darwin, C. R. to Owen, Richard

[Jan – 23 Mar 1850]

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    CD regrets the trouble RO has had about C. G. Ehrenberg's parcel.

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    He is reading On the nature of limbs [1849] with uncommon interest and admires the way Owen worked out the toes.

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    Also has read On parthenogenesis [1849] with great interest.


Down Farnborough Kent


My dear Owen

I am very much obliged, but am sorry, that you should have had the trouble about Ehrenbergs parcel— I enclose stamps which will I hope be convenient mode of payment to you.—

Yours most sincerely | C. Darwin

I am in the middle of the “Limbs” with uncommon interest— The manner in which you work out the toes strikes me as quite beautiful. Whoever would have thought that a great Cart-horse walked on four fingers!—

I read also with great interest some little time ago your kind present of Parthenogenesis

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    f1 1231.f1
    Dated on the basis of CD's reference to R. Owen 1849a and 1849b, which were recorded as having been read on 23 March 1850 (DAR 119; Correspondence vol. 4, Appendix IV).
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    f2 1231.f2
    R. Owen 1849a, published in February 1849 (see letter to Richard Owen, [24 February 1849], n. 5).
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    f3 1231.f3
    R. Owen 1849b, published 14–28 July 1849 (Publishers' Circular, no. 285, 1 August 1849). The term ‘parthenogenesis’ was Owen's invention. CD's annotated copy of the book is in the Darwin Library– CUL.
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