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Letter 1212

Darwin, C. R. to Lubbock, J. W. (b)

[Dec 1848–9]

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    Thanks JWL for the use of a schoolroom.

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    Arranges to meet JWL's son [John] to discuss use of microscope.

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    Mentions illness.

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    Thanks JWL for his paper ["Shooting stars", London Edinburgh & Dublin Philos. Mag. 32 (1848): 81–8, 170–2; 35 (1849): 356–7].



Dear Sir John.

I am much obliged for your note & kind permission to use the schoolroom.— I have appointed Mr Nash to come next Wednesday.—

You say in your note you have sent me a drawing; I merely mention this in case of any accident to it, for I have received none.

Will you be so kind as to tell your son (in case my wife does not see Lady Lubbock, when she leaves this note) that I am anxious to hear about the microscope & if he would like half an hour's talk, I hope & trust I shd be able to see him tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 oclock or Friday at about same hour.— I was very sorry that he shd have had the trouble of calling twice, but of late I have really been able to see nobody.—

I am much obliged for your kind invitation to meet Mr Adams on Sunday, but as my man told you, I was very unwell that day.

Yours sincerely | C. Darwin
To | Sir J. W. Lubbock Bart

Thank you, also, for your Paper on Meteors.—

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    f1 1212.f1
    The date range is based on this letter having been written on the stationery with a broad mourning border which CD used for about a year following the death of his father, and on Lubbock's papers on meteors (see n. 6, below).
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    f2 1212.f2
    Lubbock owned the schoolroom and rented it to the Down School Committee. CD and Emma occasionally requested use of the schoolroom for various community meetings (Moore 1985, p. 471).
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    f3 1212.f3
    Possibly John Nash, shoemaker of Farnborough, two miles from Down.
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    f4 1212.f4
    See the letter to Harriet Lubbock, [December 1848 – 1849].
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    f5 1212.f5
    Probably John Couch Adams, the astronomer and mathematician.
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    f6 1212.f6
    Lubbock 1848–9.
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