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Letter 12040

Fordyce, John to Darwin, C. R.

8 May 1879

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    Compatibility of evolution and theism.


Abbey Rd | Grimsby

8th May 1879.

Dear Sir.

I thank you for your very kind note. With private and personal reservations and difficulties I of course have no concern— I felt sure from a study of the works to which I referred that Atheism was not Your position. Of course much depends on definitions, and I often hope and try to believe that these definitions conceal as well as reveal the real position of many.—

I am glad to hear you speak so decidedly about the absurdity of Theism—and Evolution not been compatible. It has always seemed to me in studying your writings that—a belief as Xstity as taught in the New Test. might be held consistently by any one—following you.—

I am anxious as a Xstian Teacher to—say nothing but truth and your kind note, which I had no right to expect shows that so far as your Views have been expressed—I have not misrepresented them

I can only say that with all its difficulties, and they are many—there seems to me light for every truth-seeker in Xst's teachings which you seek elsewhere but never find.

Again I thank you for your note | Ever yours faithfully | J Fordyce

Dr C Darwin

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