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Letter 1195

Darwin, C. R. to Boott, Francis

20 Aug 1848


CD will write to A. A. Gould for aid. Thanks for sympathy and assistance about chloroform.


Athenæum Club

Saturday | Augt 20. 1848.

My Dear Dr. Boott.

Since I saw you, I have been persuaded at the Brit. Museum to writedirect to Dr. Gould at Boston,f1 for I hear he is a very kind man &likes to assist everyone. Dr. Gould has attended to Cirripedia morethan any one else & if he grants my request, I consider it superfluousto trouble anyone else. Should this channel fail, I will not fail toremember your most kind offer.

With my true thanks for all your sympathy & assistance about Chloriformf2 — | pray believe me | Yours very sincerely | C. Darwinf3



See letter to Augustus Addison Gould, 3 September [1848]. CD was seekingspecimens of Cirripedia for his monograph. Gould was known to naturalists forhis study of Mollusca (Gould 1841).
Chloroform may have been used in the delivery of Francis Darwin on 16 August. See letter to J. D. Hooker, 10 May 1848, where CD mentioned that itwill be employed. During Emma’s next labour, CD administered the chloroform(letter to W. D. Fox, [17 January 1850]).
The first page of the letter (to ‘& likes’) was illustrated on thedealer’s website, and a quotation suppled the remainder of thetext. The section of the letter ‘thanks … Darwin’ was in facsimilein the catalogue of James Hamilton dated 29 June 1972.
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