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Letter 1192

Darwin, C. R. to Cresy, Edward, Jr

[20 July 1848]

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    Will speak to Richard Owen, Henry De la Beche, and Robert Hutton concerning appointment for EC.

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    Leaving for sea-side on Saturday.




My dear Sir,

You have thanked me far too much for the trifling aid which I have given & which I assure you has given me pleasure. I will not fail to speak to Owen, Sir H. Delebeche & Hutton, whenever I see them. I have no doubt that you have judged wisely in not getting me to write to the others.

I believe I mentioned to you that I hoped to have had a party of Naturalists here & that I would ask you to meet them: but my health has been so very indifferent & from my wife soon expecting her confinement, I have not asked anyone here.

I shall be at all times very glad to see you & hope you all success in your present scheme.

Yours sincerely, | In Haste, | C. Darwin.

I leave home on Saturday for a week to the sea-side.

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    f1 1192.f1
    Dated by CD's reference to leaving home for a week at the seaside, see n. 3, below.
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    f2 1192.f2
    Richard Owen, a member of the Metropolitan Commission of Sewers and a close friend of both William Buckland and Edwin Chadwick.
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    f3 1192.f3
    CD left for Swanage on 22 July 1848 (‘Journal’; Correspondence vol. 4, Appendix I). According to Emma Darwin's diary, William Erasmus Darwin accompanied CD.
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