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Letter 1184

Darwin, C. R. to Higgins, John

6 June [1848]

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    Mentions his account; visit to Lincolnshire by his sister [Susan Darwin].


Down Farnborough | Kent

June 6th

My dear Sir

I am much obliged by your note of the 3d informing me that a draft of 194’8’1 has been placed to my credit at Robarts.

I will not fail to inform my Father regarding the trust & Ld Yarborough.

My sister enjoyed her visit into Lincolnshire extremely & brought home a very flourishing account of all that she saw.

Many thanks for your kind offers about the sea-bathing place, but I fear at present it will not be in our power to go anywhere.

Pray believe me | My dear Sir | Yours very faithfully | C. Darwin
J. Higgins Esq

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    f1 1184.f1
    The date is based on an entry of 6 June 1848 in CD's Investment Book (Down House MS) for the sum of £199 8s. 1d. He also recorded a payment of £5 to the Beesby School in his Account Book (Down House MS). The deduction of the latter amount would account for the sum mentioned in the letter.
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    f2 1184.f2
    Charles Anderson Worsley, Earl of Yarborough, whose seat was Brocklesby Park, North Lincolnshire. There is no indication in Robert Waring Darwin's Investment Book (Down House MS) that he had any financial dealings with Lord Yarborough. It is possible that one of Lord Yarborough's farms was available to rent or purchase, see letter to John Higgins, 14 June [1848].
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    f3 1184.f3
    Susan Darwin. See letter to Emma Darwin, [20–1 May 1848].
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