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Letter 1145

Darwin, S. E. to Darwin, C. R.


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    [Valediction only.] CD note on verso: Athenaeum/48/p. 839 "E. Forbes on genera being continuous in time––good––fact".


– her a little < > —

Goodbye my dear Charley I hope we shall hear again soon our best love to dear Emma & Elizth

ever yr affecte. | S E D.

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    f1 1145.f1
    Dated on the basis of CD's notes on the verso (see n. 2, below).
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    f2 1145.f2
    CD used the back of this fragment to make the following note: ‘Athenæum /48/ p. 839. Brit. Assoc E. Forbes on genera being continuous in time—good—fact.’ He then pinned this to another note: ‘Athenæum. /48/ p. 247. Lecture by Forbes at Royal Institution on genera being continuous in space & time, ie normally so.— Good for me—& true.— Look at this again—’. The references are to Athenæum, no. 1086, 19 August 1848, p. 839; and no. 1062, 4 March 1848, p. 247.
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