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Letter 114

Darwin, C. R. to Henslow, J. S.

[2 Sept 1831]

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    Has just arrived in Cambridge; his father has changed his mind. Asks to see JSH.



My dear Sir

I am just arrived: you will guess the reason. My Father has changed his mind.— I trust the place is not given away.— I am very much fatigued & am going to bed.— I daresay you have not yet got my second letter.— How soon shall I come to you in the morning. Send a verbal answer.

Good night | Yours. | C. Darwin *S 2

Red Lion.—

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    The letter has not been found. It was evidently written at Maer on 31 August to inform Henslow that CD and his uncle were attempting to persuade CD's father to change his mind. The letter was delayed a day in the post. (See letter from Charlotte Wedgwood, 22 September [1831]).
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