Letter 111

Darwin, R. W. to Wedgwood, Josiah, II

1 Sept 1831


RWD had made up his mind to give up his objection to the Beagle voyage if JW did not take the same view. If Charles continues to want to go after further inquiry, will give him every assistance.



1 Sept 1831

Dear Wedgwood,

Charles is very grateful for your taking so much trouble & interest in his plans. I made up my mind to give up all objections, if you should not see it in the same view as I did.—

Charles has stated my objections quite fairly & fully—if he still continues in the same mind after further enquiry, I will give him all the assistance in my power.

Many thanks for your kindness— yours | affectionly | R W Darwinf1

Keele University Library (Wedgwood/Mosley 96)



Robert Waring Darwin must have written this note soon after receiving the foregoing letters and posted it before CD and his uncle arrived later in the day. This and Robert Waring’s earlier letter to Josiah Wedgwood II (letter from R. W. Darwin to Josiah Wedgwood II, 30–1 August 1831) clearly call for some revision of the conception of CD’s father as stern and unloving.
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