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Letter 11092

Darwin, C. R. to Candolle, Alphonse de

3 Aug 1877

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    Will be interested in reading AdeC's paper on Smilax. The transition from hermaphroditic to unisexual condition is a perplexing problem.

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    CD agrees that there is much justice in AdeC's criticism of his use of the terms "object", "end", and "purpose" but thinks "those who believe that organs have been gradually modified by natural selection for a special purpose, may I think use the above terms correctly though no conscious being has intervened".

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    CD and Francis are hard at work on the function of "bloom" but CD doubts that the experiments will tell them much.

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    Does AdeC have a decided opinion on whether plants with glaucous leaves are more frequent in hot or dry than in cold or wet countries?

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    Francis has been getting "striking" results from feeding meat to Drosera.


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