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Letter 10830

Gray, Asa to Darwin, C. R.

6 Feb 1877

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    Sends specimen of Gilia aggregata and will try to get Phlox subulata.



Feb. 6, 1877

Dear Darwin

Specimens in herb. glued down hard to detach & present satisfactorily. And I have lately culled out & sent away superfluous sheets from herb. in Polemoniaceæ   But I send you a little of Gilia pulchella = aggregata. Under some of its names seeds are to be had. Get & raise various lots.

It is because Phlox subulata is a common plant that I cant help you. much   Common plants always get sparingly into herbaria. But I can fish up some flowers & buds for you.

Note that long stamens do not go with short styles & vice versa.—

A hasty line—being post-day.

You have not sent me title page & preface to Orchid-book. Rest of sheets complete.

In haste | Ever Yours | Asa Gray

Dont hesitate to ask every thing of me, tho. you get little.

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